Level up your WeChat user analytics beyond the native reporting platform and consolidate with your existing analytics solution

  • people
    Identify your most valuable Mini Program users

    Build complex user segments by demographics, technologies or behaviors to understand what resonates with each audience.

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    Drive loyalty by optimizing conversions

    Complete shopping flow and product performance breakdown, from view to payment in order to see customer drop-off points.

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    Monitor all interactions and visualize user journeys

    Gain insights into how customers use your Mini Program - what they’re viewing, interacting with, and what actions they complete.

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OMNI Data enables frictionless, comprehensive reporting of your WeChat data to be sent to your analytics platform of choice. Breaking free of Tencent's limitations, you can add value to your data and enjoy all the features below.

Ready to go

Native support for Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Up to date

Data is pushed in real time to your reporting platform

No restrictions

Host a copy of your data to combine with other sources

Backend tracking

Enrich your data with backend logs for maximum accuracy


Track and reconcile users/device using oAuth tokens across platforms and apps


Bypass China’s limitations and send your data anywhere via our inbuilt proxy


Is OMNI Data GDPR compliant?

Yes, we comply with all requirements of the GDPR, including user deletion requests, taking adequate security measures with personal data, and collecting only necessary data for reporting purposes. Your data is only shared with third parties that you consent to (e.g. your analytics platform), and we comply with WeChat’s Privacy Policy

Where is my data hosted?

By default, we offer hosting via a dedicated cloud server. However, we also offer on-site solutions should you wish to host the data yourself. Unless specifically instructed to, we do not store a copy of your data.

How do you secure my data?

We do not store any data generated by your Mini Program, data will instead be stored in your analytics platform of choice, with all traffic being fully encrypted at all times over HTTPS. We simply act as the middleware to allow your WeChat data to be sent outside of the Tencent ecosystem.

Is there any impact on my Mini Program’s performance?

No, the OMNI Data SDK is optimized for performance and implemented directly into your Mini Program, rather than through a third party, so there is no impact on loading speeds or user experience.